Thursday, April 17, 2014

Change is in the Air

First off...

Can I just say a hardy thank you to all of you lovely peeps who lifted our job sitch to the good Lord.  We are so thankful for the body of Christ who supports and prays for each other.

And that little intro leads me toooo...

Jason received a new teaching position!

So here is the background for those who may not know...
Jason graduated with his M.A. in English (teaching English as a Second Language).  He got an internship teaching through SF State University...which rolled over into an actual position.  It was  a great place to gain some experience and have a lot of coaching.  It was never intended to be a permanent position.  It was actually a fine position when I was working but with me just working part time after having Jack it was a little tough financially.  ALSO...there are extensive breaks where he wasn't paid that just about killed us financially.  It became evident that it was time to move on from his beloved job (really, he loved it and the people there).

Last January we started turning in resumes.  Have you ever tried to get a teaching position at a university/community college?  Holy smokes'd think you were applying for the CIA.  The application process is craaaazy.  Anyways, we turned in maybe 15 apps...all over the U.S.A...and the world for that matter.  Someone gave him a tip that U.C. Berkeley might be hiring.  He didn't think much of it, shot his resume over and a short bio through email aaaaaaaand....?

The head of the program contacted him.  He was interviewed and basically offered the position on the spot.

That was 3 or 4 weeks ago.

He told them he needed to think about it and talk it over with me (of course haha).

He observed some classes.

And he accepted the offer.

Overall we are very happy with the position.  From the beginning everyone has told us how difficult it is to get a full time position in the Bay Area.  We were actually totally open to moving on if need be...but the Lord is keeping us here for a bit longer.  It will be a lot more challenging then his current position...but he will do great!

And THAT leads me to telling you that...

I gave my notice at work.  Jason's new position allows me to stay home full time.  I don't think it's really set in.  I've been working since I was 16.  And now I'm not...

Honestly I was a little sad giving my notice.  My job has been a HUGE blessing.  I have truly enjoyed working there.  It also makes me...well...nervous because my job has always been a bit of a safety net.  If things didn't work out for Jason...he didn't get enough classes to teach...then I could work more.  Now I really can't work and give Jason the time he needs to plan for this new challenging position.  So there you have it.

Our little family update.

Thanks friends!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Jacko: 10 Months

Our little Jack is getting bigger...and BIGGER!
He's 10 months old!  I have more 10 month pictures but they are uploading on here upside down...and I can't figure out why.  So here is the ONE non-blurry, right side up photo.  ;)
Apparently 10 month old babies are VERY uncooperative at moments like this :)
Can I just say what an absolute joy this little guy is?  I told Jason and my Mom that I think we are at the easiest parenting stage.  He's adorable, he doesn't say "no" and can't talk back, he responds to our "no's", he takes two 1 1/2 hour naps, he's snuggly and loves us like crazy, he thinks we are hilarious, he plays on his own pretty well, he can't walk or run away from us.  I'm telling you, 10 months is SO fun.  Then again, with each passing month I keep saying, "Now THIS is my favorite month."  I think we just like the little stinker a lot.  :)

Anyways...moving on to what's new this month!

-FOOD is still an absolute favorite.  The kid eats a LOT and has yet to deny anything...except plain avocado.  But he likes guacamole no prob.  We have begun doing family dinners again (where we all sit at the table) and I'm really enjoying them.  Jack seems to be really pleased that he's at the table with us.  I think I can safely say that the little guy will probably be weaned from his day time feedings by the time he's a year old.  He loves water and so there will be no issues with keeping him hydrated.  He is less and less interested in breastfeeding during the day...but still eats like a champ for his 1-2 feedings at night...go figure.  So...we will see.

-SLEEP is pretty good (knock on wood).  Seriously, I hate telling anyone anything about Jack because as soon as I think I've got him pegged...he changes.  He is sleeping a 7 hour stretch...eats once...then wakes at 6 or 6:30.  On weekdays when Jason is up it's just time to wake up, he won't go back to sleep.  On weekends I can usually nurse him in the dark and put him back down until 8am or so.  Naps are good, though suddenly he has decided that he no longer wants to fall asleep on his own.  The last few days have been battles to get him down...when for months he would go down without any fuss.  Weird.  But eventually he DOES nap.  Soooo...can't complain there!

-He crawls like a mad man and walks along everything.  He also can stand on his own for a bit.  He has yet to do the squat to standing position without holding onto anything.  I think it will come soon though.

-He loves to clap and shake his head back and forth.  I'm not sure if he knows it means "no".  Sometimes I ask him a question though and he does it haha.  If he's not ready for the next bite of food he will shake his head too.  He also puts his hands in the air for the "all done" baby sign.  Though sometimes he does it at the wrong time.  Basically I think he's just starting to figure out this whole communication thing.
-His new favorite past time is what we like to call "the drunken baby crawl".  I have video of it but he's completely in the buck sooooo...I won't post it.  It's so strange though...and funny.  He basically raises up on his knees and throws his hands out, crawls in a half circle and does it again and again while babbling.  He seems very entertained by it.  :)
-The little guy is definitely a mama's boy but I think that Daddy of his is growing on him haha.  Huge smiles and full belly laughs that man can pull out of that baby.  So sweet.  And when Daddy leaves for work each morning Jacko whimpers and cries a little.  Poor little buddy.
-TEETH he finally broke ONE of those 4 teeth on top.  Just three more to go!  :)
-Other likes...the toilet (which he has figured out how to flush), bath time, his sippy with water, the dehumidifier (he hangs out with it like it's his BFF), the carbon monoxide detector which he has figured out how to push the test button (lovely), paper (to eat of course), his Choo Choo Train pj's, baby videos on YouTube, being on my back in the Ergo when I cook dinner or clean, teeth brushing (he's fascinated when we do it), our backyard, and little kids at the park.

Phew!  Now THAT'S an update!

So happy 10 months little man!

Friday, April 11, 2014

This Week through Instagram

Happy Friday everyone!  I'm linking up with Jeannette at Life Rearranged today! is my week through my Instagram feed.  If you'd like to follow me I'm  @evangelistaluv.  I've changed my account to private buuuuut...I will likely accept you...being that you don't look TOO creepy.  :)

I've been rather active on Instagram this week because we got new phones and the camera is WAY better!  So fun!
I've been pooped lately.  Heck, I've been pooped since Jack was born but I was particularly pooped this week.  Here is my view from my bed.  And my long finger toes.  And my gold nail polish.  And my chaos.  And my plant that apparently leans toward the sun...significantly.  And Jack's Easter basket.  And my first ever quilt (done when I was 19) AND the dresser that I've been wanting to refinish for years.  Phew.  That's all.

Our truck is on the fritz.  So during my 2 days of week I go to work I am now commuting via train.  So, it was my first time and I left at 7:30am, almost forgot my pump which caused me to miss my connecting train.  I got to work at 10:30...45 minutes late to work.  A 1 1/2 hr trip took 3 hours.  Nice.  Hopefully next time will go a wee bit better.

 SELFIE!  The boy loves selfies.  Babies are so self-absorbed.  :)

Jack is obsessed with long skirts.  He will play in it for hours.  AND 5 seconds after this picture was taken...down the skirt went.  :)
Jason let Jack play in the dirt in the backyard apparently.  I found these by the washer.  When I asked Jason about it he said, "It was great!  They were like baby coveralls!  I just unzipped him and boom!  He was clean!"  Oh Daddies!  Don't you love them?!?  (The stains did NOT come out btw haha)
So, if you don't know I'm on a one year "shopping fast".  I'm not buying anything for myself (clothes, shoes, accesories, and etc) for a year.  I started in August.  It was a little hard at first but it's been pretty easy for a while now.  Easter though has been a little hard.  I usually buy some sort of something for Easter.  I have these flared white pants though that fit great on top but have always been awkward in the flare area.  I bought them quickly because our dress code changed at work banning jeans.  I just needed something and the price was right (good ole Target).  ANYWAYS, I found a tutorial online and converted them into slim pants and LOVE them.  Seriously!  So cool.  Now I have "new" pants to wear for Easter haha.
Back to the not shopping thing.  If it's taught me's taught me to use what I have.  I saw cute little turban head bands on etsy and I thought...I want that...I could make that.  So I did.  They are super fun and are a great, cute thing to use when you don't wash your hair, ahem.  :)

My baby stink bug.  This is how he sleeps.  He gathers his blanket and softie and sticks his little butt in the air.  I just want to eat him up.  :)
I've been in a weird funk off and on.  I really didn't want to go to Mom's Group this week.  As in I WASN'T going to go until 1/2 an hour before I had to leave.  But I went.  And it was good.  Of course.  The little monkey fell asleep on me and I decided to give you my best selfie face.  :)  And I said BABIES are self-absorbed.  Ha!  ;)
I met up with a friend I met through the blogging world on Thursday.  I met Ana, her husband, and their sweet boy at my favorite pastry joint and then we took our boys to Alamo Square and let them run around...well, Eli ran around.  Jack just chilled and tried to be cool and big like Mr. E.  :)  So, fun!  I love the blogging community.

Phew!  You made it to the end!  And THAT my friends is my week through Instagram!  I hope everyone has a marvelous weekend!!!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Socializing as a Mom

Is it just me or does becoming a mom open up a whole new world of "socializing."

Not sure if that's the right word.

I feel like now that I'm a mom I don't know how to interact and socialize.  I feel awkward.  Let me clarify that.  I feel fine with the people that I've known for a while...the people who knew me before I became Mama Anna.  I feel weird and out of sorts though when I meet with other moms who only have known me as a "mom".  I feel like I don't know what to talk about.  I used to see myself as an extrovert...kind of the life of the party...aaaaaand now?  Not so much.

Maybe I'm tired?
Maybe I spend so much time with a little babbley baby that when it comes to actually talking and carrying on a real conversation I'm at a loss?
Maybe I'm slightly self-conscious about my new(ish) role as a mom?

Has anyone else experienced this?

It's a little disheartening.  I feel like I really look forward to getting together with other moms and then when I do I leave feeling like, "Sheesh, I was awkward, stumbled over my words, said the wrong thing etc etc..."  I've never been like this guys!  I really RARELY care what other people think about me.  I mean...I want people to find me kind...but whether they prefer my personality, humor, style...meh, I never cared.  Now...I feel like I do.  And I don't know why/what changed?

Not sure what exactly I'm saying.  I guess I'm just wondering if anyone else experienced/is experiencing this...?

Or maybe I was just always awkward and in denial???  ;)  People who know me...don't answer that! ha!

Monday, April 7, 2014


Is it weird that it feels like weeeeks since me last post?

It was only Friday.

Last week was long guys.
And kinda hard.
Not in like a super hard, I feel like my life is over way...but just a bunch of silly small things when placed too close together feels like a LOT way.
You catch my drift?
Just a cute baby pic that has no relevance.
Can I also say that I am so ready to not pump anymore.  I go to work TWO days a week.  You would think I would remember my pump.  I mean I for crying out loud.  Yeah.  Still forgot it...for like the 4th time.  This time I realized it before I left town.  But driving BACK across San Francisco isn't exactly something you want to do when you should be getting to work.

Anywho, it's a new week.

So, I'm entering that stage where people feel the need to tell you what you should/shouldn't be doing with your kid.  Honestly, I get kinda excited.  I've heard so many people say that it's happened to them that I'm all, "Yay! It's MY turn!"  Two weeks ago I hoisted Jack up above my arms stretched out so that he could drool on my face if he so desired.  :)  Someone told me not to do that...that it was very dangerous.  Mmmkay?!?  On Muni a woman said that we shouldn't let Jack have a binkie anymore because he's too old.  He's 9 1/2 months old?  And the binkie is serving as more of a plug to keep her ride more pleasant...soooooo...yeah.  Good times.  Today a lady gave me a disapproving look for letting Jack's toes catch some rays in the stroller.  I think I'm realizing that different cultures raise their babies in different ways.  So, when you have a place like SF with lots of get a lot of opinions coming your way.  I don't mind it much to be honest.  I just politely tell them I don't agree.  haha.  No really.  That's what I did.  :)

I've been playing my guitar more lately.  The first time I played it for Jack he just sat there with his mouth wide open and his eyes all huge.  So cute.  Now all he wants to do is touch the strings...which makes playing a little difficult. 

Dishes.  The bane of my existence.  Seriously.  If I just did them every night then we'd be fine...but no, I sometimes do them every other night and then it's way bigger of a project then it needs to be.  We don't have a dishwasher.  I want one of those one's you hook up to your sink.  For reals.

So, I rode the train to work for the first time on Saturday.  I left at 7:30am...I got to work at 10:30am hahaha.  I missed a connecting train which made me have to sit and wait 40 minutes for the NEXT one.  Then I had to WALK up the world's largest steepest hill (I'm not exaggerating) to get to work because I missed the bus to go up said hill.  30 minutes late to work...and sweaty as heck.  But I DID make it darn it.  Phew.

AND that's all I got.  I think I'm going to go to bed now and pray that my child doesn't wake up in the next hour.  Happy Monday friends.  :)

Friday, April 4, 2014

Blog Partay 2014


Why not right?

I go back and forth on whether I actually want my blog to be read by people I don't know in real life.  If I really think about it it kinda freaks me out on occasion to think of putting myself...and my family, out there for complete strangers to know/interpret/judge/like/not like/you fill in the blank. 

And yet, I've come to love this crazy little space.
And overall, it's been really positive.  I can't even tell you how connected I feel sometimes to the outside world through this blog (especially being a mostly stay at home mom to a little one).  It's seen me through a lot of crazy times.  Heck, this blog was up and running back when I was a little bachelorette fresh out of college girl living in my awesome little studio.  It's seen me through engagement, wedding planning, a wedding...

a year in Chile as newly weds...

a move to San Francisco, grad school for my husband, the loss of a baby, the birth of a baby...

And I've met some seriously awesome people through this little space.  So...let's do it.  Let's meet some new peeps.

So, I'm joining up with 5 Minutes for Mom because...why not right?!?
If you want to put your blog out there and join the Blog Party here's the linky:


Welcome to my little space.

I talk a lot about my awesome husband of 5 years...he's that hunk to the right of your screen.  I talk a WHOLE lot about a certain adorable 10 month old monster that we call our first born son.  Jack.  Jacko.  Jackalope. Jack Attack.  He has an extensive list of nicknames.

We reside in San Francisco.  My husband is a college teacher and I stay home/work part time.  I love to sew.  I love to cook.  I've been known to do a cake or two.

I love LOVE to be outside.  We love backpacking (because we're doing a TON of that with a 10 month old, ha!). 

I feel like I'm sorta living a contradictory life.  If I could choose I would live in the mountains about 15 minutes from town with a hunk of property.  And yet, God has us in this big, crazy, broken, beautiful city.  And we are embracing it.  Dare I say...loving it.

So, that's a little about me.
Hope you stick around and get to know us a little more.

My Pinterest (though I'm taking a hiatus in an attempt to actually have some of my OWN creativity again haha)

My Etsy Shop

Thanks for stopping by!!! <3

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Little Updates


I feel tired guys.

The boy is in the midst of teething.  Have I been saying that for the last month?!?  Why, yes I have.  Those top teeth are taking foreeeeeever to pop through.  I can see them but they seem to be frozen in that "just below the surface" spot.  His bottom two popped out so fast.  Anyways, I'm giving this as the reason for his crazy sleep.  Last night was actually back to normal but I'm not holding my breath.  I'm also beginning to wean him at night.  He was eating 2x's.  We are now down to once.  So...there's that.

Anyways, recently Jason and I attempted a photo sesh with Jack.  Ha!  Good times.  First, I learned that I am not all.  I tried to make Jack smile...meh.  He'd stare at me with that bottom left expression.  "Stop mom, just stop.  You're good for snuggles and milk.  You are not funny."  Well, fine then.  Here are 4 of our 236 failed attempts.  :)  I was actually able to come up with some that were half way decent with the help of editing so I think in the end it was mostly a success.  And YES...Jack's 1 year is in 2 months but I'm traveling a lot the next month so I'm trying to NOT wait until the last week to do everything (which is what usually happens) for his little party.  I happen though to be a party person...I really like planning...and the cake.  Oh, the cake.  And's more for me then for him.  So, take a gander at my Baby Hiawatha outtakes.  :)
 Anyways, once the invite is all done and ordered/sent I'll let ya'll take a peaksy also.

Other news.  Jason had spring break last week which was basically wonderful.  I worked a little extra but we also spent time together.  At this point we have Sunday together so a few extra days is always nice.

On Saturday on the way home from work I believe our truck started to die.  Basically I started praying like mad that I would make it home.  I didn't want to pay for a tow.  I also have a fear of breaking down in the middle of the highway and causing a huge traffic jam.  I made it...but the truck basically barely accelerates and shakes like crazy.  Poor Pickles (our trucks name ;) ) I have no idea what that means but I'm taking the train to work now...which adds some extra time to my commute.  Boo.

And finally this next month is looking a little crazy.  And honestly...I'm embracing it.  I love travel and diversity.  I love my little routine with Jack but I think I'm also ready to stir it up a bit.  We have family coming up, then a trip to Washington, Jason's birthday, then his mom up, then I head off to Florida.  It will be exhausting but I'm ready.  :)  Any tips on entertaining an active 10 month old on the plane? Ha! ;)

Hope all is well on your side of the computer.  Adios!